5 Futures and 1 Past

Some options.

a collaboration with Sam Vilkins

1. A very soft future, everything coated in synthetic vellum, tactile and inviting. Objects encourage touch in order to tempt you away from skin.

2. A stifling future, where there's no point anymore in checking your back when you feel eyes upon your neck. Stuck in a stand-off, watching and being watched, each move mirrored into infinity.

3. A diluted future, all things spread out, the gaps between atoms yawning and quiet and calm. There is a homeopathic intensity to the impossible distances between one moment and the next.

4. A clockwork future, all as it was and will be at once. You must choose to step through the gears, catching at your skin, and ignore the ticking all about your ears.

5. A filigreed future, infinitely detailed. Fractals draw your attention ever deeper and down, into dangerous complexities that multiply and spin in glittering logarithmic insistence.


An unsettled past, thought inaccessible but only unreceptive. Hard surfaces seem bruised. Even cloth and stone hum and crackle as you near. Things fall under shadow here, as the light has moved on forward, but work can be done in the dark. And the steps, once witnessed, need no vision to recall.